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We offer a free video facetime type Initial Cosmetic / Implant Consultation for new patients. This consists of a 15 minute chat to give you a feel of the practice, our team and of the kind of services we can offer.

This is an opportunity for you to ask us questions and help you decide if Wimbledon Dental Spa can give you what you are looking for. If you like what you hear and see, then book in for a detailed examination and treatment planning session with our reception staff.




New patient check-up from £50.00-£75
Routine recall examination (6 monthly) from £35.00. (12 – 24 monthly) from £50.00
For cosmetic treatment a full cosmetic consultation is required after a routine check up and any essential immediate treatment has been provided.

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Small X-ray from £10.00
OPG Panoral X-ray from £40.00

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Out of hours call-out charge / emergency treatment

Out of hours call-out charges:
Free for Denplan patients
from £75.00 for registered patients
from £200.00 for new patients
Abscess drainage and temporary dressing from £75.00
Crown / bridge recementation from £50.00

Emergency treatment:
Emergency examination and prescription:
Registered patient from £33.50
New patient from £49.00

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New Patient Hygiene from £60.00 to £120.00
Hygiene 30 minute sessions from £60.00
Polishing (no scaling) from £30.00
Sensitive Pro-Relief Polishing System (plus cost of hygiene session) from £30.00
Proxyt Polish (plus cost of hygiene session) from £15.00
Implant Hygiene Maintenance  (per session) from £90.00
Orthodontic Hygiene (per session) with special Aquacut from £60.00
Full periodontal (gum) chart from £30.00 to £90.00
Full mouth disinfection (incl. full perio chart) from £360.00

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Preventative care

Fluoride application – Desensitizing Fluoride Varnish from £5.00 per application
Fluor Protector VivAmpoule from £90.00
Fluoride trays from £95.00 per arch
Fluor Protector gel from £30.00 per session
Fissure sealant application from £25.00
Dietary advice P.O.A.
Grinding nightguard from £160.00
Sports guard/Bite guard appliance from £130.00

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Intravenous sedation from £160.00 per hour.
Sedation session with Consultant Anaesthetist from £360.00.

Sedation with Dr and Mrs Soin free with dental treatment.

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White fillings from £75.00
Bespoke high-aesthetic white fillings from £90.00
High quality amlagam (silver) restorations from £60.00

Check Up + Hygiene Session + 1 filling = £150.00. (save £25.00)
Check Up + Hygiene Session + 2 fillings = £230.00. (save £45.00)

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At home whitening using custom trays from £350.00
Chair side Wy10 whitening from £199.00 SPECIAL OFFER

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Porcelain Veneers from £575.00
Edelweiss from £300.00 per unit
SPECIAL OFFER 6 for £1500 (£250 each)

Duo PCH from £195.00 per unit
Lumineers from £550.00 per unit
SPECIAL OFFER 10 from £5000 (£500 each. Includes Smile Design Consultation, pre-placement whitening, hygiene sessions before and after placement).

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Root treatment

Root Canal Treatment:
Single Canal (Incisor/Canine) £280.00
3 Canals (Molar) £450.00

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Simple Extraction from £90.00
Surgical Extraction from £125.00

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Bridges & crowns

Ceramic crowns and bridges per unit from £575

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Complete upper and lower set from £600.00
Partial denture from £385.00
Chrome denture from £POA
Addition of a tooth to a denture £POA
Denture repair £POA

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Oral surgery

Gum surgery (electro-surgery) from £75.00

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Sinus lift

Closed £250
Open £495
Materials Geistlich Bio-Oss bone substitute & Bio-Gide Resorbable Membrane or Biohorizons Grafton / MinerOss Bone substitutes & MemLok Membrane from £300
(Extra bone ceramic occasionally required @ £75 per 0.5g)

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Advanced bone and tissue regenerative surgery

ITI Bio-oss & Bio-gide   from £495
Biohorizons Grafton/ MinerOss & MemLok from £495

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Bone graft

▪    Block graft with screws from £595
▪    Ridge Expansion Procedure from £395
▪    Connective tissue graft from from £395
▪    Roller Flap Connective tissue graft from £295
▪    Edward Pat Allen surgical technique (gum recession treatment) from £800 incl Alloderm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM)

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Implant treatment (Denplan not included)

Implant Consultation inclusive of all necessary radiographs £150.00
Simple single implant placement SPECIAL OFFER    £1500.00
Complex single implant placement    £1750.00
Aesthetic single implant placement    £3000.00
“Tooth in a day”: Single tooth implant, inclusive of CT scan when necessary, extraction, implant placement, immediate temporary crown, after-care and final crown restoration after 3 months £2500.00
Implant bridge to replace three teeth using two implants, inclusive of implant placement, after-care and final restoration from £5200.00
Full lower implant-fixed bridge supporting ten teeth inclusive of implant placement and reconstruction    from £12000.00
Full upper implant bridge supporting ten teeth inclusive of implant placement and reconstruction from £15000.00

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Dentistry for children

New patient examination £25.00 or free if parents have a spend greater than £170.00 per year (2 check-ups and 2 hygiene)
Routine Examination 0 – 16years £20.00
X-rays £8.00
Hygiene clean £45.00
Braces clean £30.00
Fillings from £40.00
Behavioural shaping (tell-show-do) per 15 mins session £15.00
Please see preventative care section.

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SPECIAL OFFER 10 from£5000** (£500 each including Smile Design Consultation, free pre-placement whitening and free hygiene sessions before and after placement).
** instead of £550.00 per unit making a saving of £500.00 plus £320.00 worth of whitening and hygiene. Total saving = £820.00

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Children metal braces               from   £1800.00
Children ceramic braces           from   £2500.00
Adult metal braces                    from   £2500.00
Adult ceramic braces                from   £3000.00
Invisible Lingual braces             from £6000.00

All prices are based on the treatment of both upper and lower arches.

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Single tooth placement from £995.00 (normal price £1500.00 saving of over £500.00)
3 teeth bridge implant from £4500.00 (normal price £5200.00 saving of £700.00)

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Other cosmetic treatments

Snap on Smile per arch from £995
Inlays per unit from £260

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